Power a-go-go

By Mir
January 11, 2012

Head on over to Woot today if you—like me—often discover that your cell phone is nearly dead, and by the way, you parked the car in upper Slobovia so it’s a little far to go sit in there to recharge it. (Okay, maybe that never happens to you because you’re more organized than I am. Most people are.)

Anyway, today’s Woot deal is a 2-pack of Duracell 1800mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Packs, and they work via USB, so you can use ’em for cell phones, iPods, whatever. Said 2-pack will run you $20 shipped, today, which is about the cost of just one from Amazon right now (and do click through to check out the reviews, which are largely favorable).

So I could buy the 2-pack for what is essentially half price, and put one in my purse and give one to my husband. Or I could buy the 2-pack and put one in my purse and staple one to my teenager. Decisions, decisions….

1 Comment

  1. Lovely Mir,

    Please don’t staple one to your teenager. It’s bad for the battery.

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