A daily deal on all the clearance

By Mir
January 13, 2012

In addition to the other featured deals in today’s Target Daily Deals, today and today only you can save an additional 15% and get free shipping on clearance clothing! Plus coupon code TGTHTT5Z is still working for an additional 10% off.

So it’s a sale on the clearance, plus free shipping.

My daughter is finally getting a second pair of the jeans I got on a Daily Deal about four months ago. They’re the One True Jeans, you see. With today’s deal, they’re the One True Price. Win/win!


  1. Their site seems to be having issues. I am trying to order and it keeps telling me to select a color! Weird. It won’t let me select a color!

  2. I’m having the same issues. Bet they are losing some sales today.

  3. I just bought a great shirt I wanted months ago but didn’t get for a whopping $7 total. I also hit add to bag and it asked me to select a color and I noticed a blank box above the size so I just clicked it anyway and it worked.

  4. Wow, Mir. The power of your prettiness is so awesome, you’ve gotten Target to produce exactly the Daily Deal I was hoping for yesterday.

    No problem on the site for me, except that a lot of items are already out of stock. Got the boots I wanted, though!

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