You’re all very pretty

By Mir
January 27, 2012

Thanks for bearing with me, this week. You all look gorgeous today, and I love your shoes. Hopefully our regular programming will return in a few days, but I know things have been sporadic and appreciate that no one has complained.

A few deals before I go spend my day running around in the woods with my son’s class:

Amazon’s Gold Box Deal today is a deep discount on Popchips, one of our favorite lunchbox snacks! Combine the discounted price with Subscribe & Save to get the lowest price and free shipping.

The grab bags in the Outlet at Burt’s Bees are all the way down to just $15, now, and coupon code SPRING12 is working for $5 off $25 if you want to buy a couple of them. Shipping is $6. (Site is moving slowly, be patient.)[Edited to add: Coupon code 5FREESHIP appears to be taking off $5 and giving free shipping on any order!]

The 16-packs fo Hanger Buddiez over at Kids.Woot today is slaying me with the cuteness. That would be perfect as part of a baby shower gift. (I am partial to the Monster Pack, but they’re all adorable.)

Over at Tanga, they’ve got Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine available for $24/year, but when I put it in my cart it dropped down to $4.99 and I’m not sure why. If it doesn’t automatically discount for you, try adding code EVERYDAY to get it at that price. And you can order up to 4 years at that price!

I see the Gap family of stores is back to different coupons for every store (all the better to confuse you, my dears!), but here you go: If you’re shopping Old Navy, use code ONTAKE15 today for 15% off everything; if you’re shopping Gap, use code GAPFUN for an additional 30% off sale items; at Banana Republic use code BRJANUARY for 25% off anything. (Got that? Me neither.)

Again, thanks for bearing with me lately. Y’all are super pretty.


  1. I think everyone is rooting for you 🙂

  2. You are very pretty too!

  3. We love you Mir! Thanks for the deals today. I just bought those popchips last week and ordered 3 more cases today. Thanks!

  4. I’m having trouble using the coupon code on Tanga. I added the Rachel Ray mag to my cart, added the code, and received this message :
    “Uh oh!
    “EVERYDAY” coupon code can be used only for Everyday With Rachael Ray Magazine Subscription.”
    LOL um guess it’s not working :-X

  5. I want to heeeeelllllllppppp. Hang in there, Mir. It will get better.

  6. The link to kids.woot isn’t working. One too many ‘n’s in there. Good luck with everything. I’ve started my year of living changerously and think of you and your struggles (and how you have overcome!) often as a reminder that you can survive heartbreak.

  7. darn that burt’s bees thing is gone. wah. I love those for teacher gifts. then the teacher’s love me! sigh . .

  8. LOVE how pretty you are! and how much the kids love pop chips!
    you rock!

  9. My kids love Popchips. My kids and I eat these up like air.

  10. Oooooh, I am PISSY about missing the Rachael Ray deal. That’s what I get for spending the day living my IRL-life instead of my in-the-computer-life. Ahh, well.

    You’re still super-dee-duper extra pretty, Mir!!!

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