Programmable cooking for a smaller family

By Mir
January 30, 2012

Those of you who’ve spent a lot of time around here know that I have a small… ahhh… problem when it comes to crock pots. I own four of them. And I can quit any time I want to, see, I just really enjoy the convenience of set-and-forget meals that I can deal with in the morning—right after I’ve had my coffee—instead of trying to cook during the craziest time of the day.

My favorite crock pot right now is a 6.5 quart programmable one, because I tend to cook in large batches and freeze the extras. But if you’re not into that, and/or if you have a smaller family, you’ve maybe noticed that the smaller programmable models are just about as expensive as the big ones, which seems kind of unfair.

Today has a Refurbished Cuisinart 3.5 quart programmable slow cooker available for just $35 shipped. The cheapest I’m seeing it at Amazon is about $47, though it looks like $60 is the more typical price (for a new one, obviously).

This would be perfect if you’ve been wanting a smaller unit that you can set in the morning and not worry about no matter how late you get home in the evening.


  1. Oh, I am tempted. Because while I too own 4 crockpots, I don’t have a programmable one that size…I have no idea how people go through life without them. I finally bought one for my mom for Christmas, and she called me up just the other day to announce that it was the best. kitchen gadget. EVER. Apparently she thought all her friends in the 70’s were crazy when they talked about their crockpots. Hmm, wait, do you think MY friends think I am crazy too???

  2. Oh, Mir, you don’t have a problem. I own 8. If anyone needs intervention, it is me. My new favorite is my most recent purchase, an 8 quart. I love making huge batches of chili or stew and then freezing the leftovers in individual servings. The programmable ones are great. I own a 6.5 and a 4 quart programmable. They are very nice for those things that don’t need to cook all day long.

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