So long, Simple

By Mir
January 31, 2012

Longtime readers know I often extoll the virtues of Simple Shoes—they’re the comfiest sneakers I own, and my vegetarian kiddo loves ’em because they’re eco-friendly and make lots of no-animal-product styles. Unfortunately, it looks like Simple is going out of business, much to the dismay of hippies everywhere.


The good news is that Simple isn’t sold out everywhere just yet, and today at they’ve got some deep discounts on Simple styles. I see flip-flops starting at $8, so stock up before they’re impossible to find.


  1. Oh no! You just got me into these with the last deal! Must stockpile them!

  2. Oh no! I really liked Simple shoes.

  3. We will miss giraffe print tennies. Wish I would have bought my daughter bigger sizes to grow into before they were all gone.

  4. I love Simple shoes. This makes me sad.

  5. Do you know if the shoes tend to run true to size or large/small? I’m thinking about getting a couple pairs (for this price, who can pass up the opportunity for comfy shoes?!), but I was wondering if they’d fit…

  6. Jessica, they definitely tend to run small, so go up a 1/2 size.
    I am so bummed. I’ve worn Simple’s for about 20 years, and always have at least one pair. Thanks to my best friend for pointing me towards this. I’ll definitely load up today. 🙁

  7. I could not resist the lure of cheap canvas tennies (that desperately needed replaced). Plus I got the gray and blue loafer like shoe that are funky hippy version of a Ferragamo shoe but aren’t $400. They weren’t even $40. They were FOURTEEN! That is much more my speed! Thanks, Mir!

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