Customized dresses, fabulous prices

By Mir
March 29, 2012

As the weather warms up, I shed my customary winter jeans and start living in cotton dresses. It’s basically a socially acceptable way to walk around in a nightgown, and I’m okay with that.

Thanks to Susan over at The Working Closet, I’ve just discovered my newest Internet love—eShakti. They have tons of dresses (and blouses and skirts and jewelry, too), the prices are reasonable, and through the end of the month they’re offering free customization. That means you pick your dress, then for free you can adjust the hem length, change the neckline, even tinker with the sleeves on some of them. How cool is that??

And right now, if you register, they’ll send you a certificate for $20 off your first $30+ purchase.

The only problem I’m having is deciding which one to get.


  1. Mir, I love the concept of eshakti. I loved it so much that I bought two dresses. One was amazing – fit like it was custom made – hello, because it was. The other, made with the EXACT same measurements, was much too tight. It required major adjustments before I could wear it – I’d bought it for a particular conference and didn’t have time to ship it back. When I told ehakti, they were apologetic – apparently, the pattern was incorrect – there was no seam allowance? They refunded my customization and my shipping cost.

    I ordered two more dresses. One was perfect, and one was not. It required alteration.

    I’ve not ordered anything else, although I *love* much of their stuff. I’m not happy with a 50% success rate, though.

  2. Good to hear your experience, Carmen, though I’m sorry it wasn’t better.

    I went ahead and ordered an Overstock dress; it came to around $22 shipped, and if it’s too small I can give it to my daughter. Fingers crossed!

  3. Girl, you are killing me. I need a dress for my brother’s wedding in June and I want to BUY ALL THE THNGS.

  4. Same here – I have one dress that is a perfect fit – a black shirtdress with bright embroidery around the hem. Completely Mad Men. Love it. Another, a faux wrap cocktail dress is so low cut that I need to wear a cami underneath. A fourth item is made of such thin cotton knit that I hate to wear it and a skirt that I didn’t order custom fit, is a 14, but won’t button around my hips.

    So, for now, I’m steering clear!

  5. I love this concept. I just got a dress from the overstock section – regularly $59.95, on sale for $35.95 – $20 gift certificate. $23 shipped – I ordered 1 size up since I’m sort of an odd size. Going to hope for the best.

  6. I have a scarf from here that’s my absolute favorite. By the reviews, it sounds like I better stick with the accessories.

  7. Has anyone heard back/received their items from here? I’ve been trying to get a hold of them for another reason (well, two separate reasons) over the past three weeks, and I can’t get anyone to respond to my inquiries. (I’m not inundating them with emails. Just one email each about the different reasons, unrelated to my order.) Because I can’t get them to even answer a simple request, I’m getting worried about my order itself…

    (Maybe I’m just a nervous Nelly about ordering from a company I haven’t previously ordered from, but the lack of response about something as simple as an email address is concerning me.)

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