Fashion dolls that won’t give you hives

By Mir
April 18, 2012

Maybe it’s just me that has that reaction to Barbies (boobs! hooker shoes!) or American Girl dolls (so expensive!) or Bratz (this one needs no explanation, I assume). Dolls were always a bone of contention ’round here when my daughter was younger, because I refused to buy ones that looked like street walkers and I also refused to take out a second mortgage to afford ones that didn’t.

It’s too late for my girl, but maybe not for yours—today’s Kids.Woot is your choice of either the Yuko or Gianna Best Friends Doll for just $15 + $5 shipping. These dolls not only have beautiful faces, they’re fully articulated and can be posed in over a hundred ways. They’re 18″ tall, so the same height as American Girl, but slimmer. I think they’re just darling (particularly Yuko—Asian dolls can be hard to find—and she’s currently $33 shipped from Amazon).

The price is certainly right, though I’d argue that circumventing the scary other options out there is truly priceless.


  1. Ditto everything you said about all those dolls! This one is going to be a very nice surprise Christmas gift for my daughter. Thanks Mir!!

  2. I caved. It has been a while since we’ve gotten any dolls (three girls, here) and the ones we have are a little worn out. And I don’t think we actually have any 18in sized dolls.

  3. Sweet – I got 2 and the shipping was still $5 – love it!

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