Bad news, good news

By Mir
April 25, 2012

The bad news is that yesterday, Urban Outfitters had their “OMG Sale” and I forgot to tell you. I’m sorry!

The worse news is that apparently the sale was so popular, the site crashed a whole lot.

But the really good news is that because of the site crash, they’ve extended the sale and today every order ships for free! That’s my kind of sale.

And before someone makes a comment about the clothing there… I know. If I ever want to feel old and curmudgeonly, I browse their clothing. That said, I think some of their Apartment sections holds many things pretty and/or hilarious, so I skip the skimpy tank tops and head straight for the shower curtains and word magnets.


  1. Hey Mir! Still can’t get into the site… very sloooooooow….

    Oh, and I’m in your neck of the woods and totally not stalking you–we’re in Rutledge for the Waldorf Olympiad. Sadly, all the camping spots were full and this mommy is at a hotel. bummer, no?
    Leslie in Bham

  2. Can anyone actually see any of the sale items? I can’t get the website to do anything other than scroll through the headers.

  3. Site is sluggish but functional for me, Suzanne.

  4. Finally got in – got a few bowls and a perfect tee for a friend – 1 Xmas gift marked off! Thanks.

  5. So SLOW right now. That extra day clearly didn’t help them too much! Hoping I can check out some decor stuff and shoes later.

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