The perfect passive-aggressive baby gift

By Mir
April 26, 2012

I love babies. Love them. They’re little and cute and sweet and smushy and adorable. It’s the baby’s parents I sometimes don’t love. Heh.

That means that occasionally I need an adorable gift for an adorable baby that makes me look both cool and generous, but with a little… shall we say… extra something which may be annoying to the adults.

That’s where this great deal at Amazon comes in. Who could resist a pair of Stride Rite Puppy Slippers? They’re darling! They’re from the people who know how to treat little feet! They’re just $4.75 shipped if you have Prime!

But—perhaps the best part—they make noise. Puppy sounds! Junior will be delighted. And really, how likely is it that his parents will try to kill you in your sleep for real? That hardly ever happens.


  1. Oh, if only my sister would have kids, I could buy these for her and repay her for the TWO drum sets she bought for my children. She got them something else noisy this Christmas and I had to ask her why she hated me so much. What could I possibly have done to her to warrant such abuse?

  2. I’m in for a pair. I have a baby shower in a few weeks, so I’ll throw them in her wishing well. A great way to give a potentially annoying gift LOL

  3. Evil genius 🙂

    Having kids must have rotted my brain, because for about 8 seconds I considered buying them…for my son…

    Whew. Urge passed.

  4. hee hee! just bought a pair for my sister in law’s son for xmas. can’t stop snickering!

  5. If only I knew if my sister-in-law is having a boy or a girl…maybe they’ll still have them in a month?

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