Time to sit outside!

By Mir
April 28, 2012
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We’ve reached that magical time of year when I look around our deck at least a few times a week and say to my husband, “We really need some furniture out here.” And he agrees. And we go shopping, and drop dead from the prices. Later, we come back to life and do it all over again. Fun!

Last night the magical Savings.com elves sent me a couple of exclusive printable coupons for outdoor furniture at either Sears or KMart, and of course I’m going to share them with you, but I’m also crossing my fingers that if I actually go to a store (you know how I hate that), these coupons may help fill that void in my heart and on my porch, without causing a coronary. We’ll see.

If you want to shop Sears, use this link to get your coupon for $30 off $300+, $75 off $500+ or $200 off $1000+ on outdoor living items. If you want to shop KMart, use this link to get your coupon for $25 off $250+, $75 off $500+ or $150 off $750+ on outdoor living items.

We’re headed to the mall, coupon in hand. Pray for me.


  1. Costco. Or Craigslist.

  2. Definitely need to shop end of season! Last year I got 2 patio recliners for the pool for $17 each at BB&Beyond and a few seasons ago (also end of season) I got 8 iron chairs and an iron table all for under $150 at Lowes!! We are still using those of course, hubby just painted them with a fresh coat of Rustoleum and they are like new. would love to have some teak out by the pool but definitely can’t afford it 🙁

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