Lock it to me

By Mir
May 2, 2012

Oh, Woot, you have to stop featuring cheap Lock & Lock sets! My cupboard are overflowing! It’s just that I love your watertight silicone seals and easy-to-open lock flaps so much, and also you can’t put a price on being able to quickly pack up lunch for the kids even when someone forgot to run the dishwasher the night before.

So just stop it. But, uh, maybe after today. Because that 36-piece set for $20 is a really good deal.


  1. Hey Beautiful Mir – it’s Wednesday and I need something from Kohls – as always – is today the day for their “BIG” sale?!?!

  2. Mir, do these containers stack well when empty? We tend to use disposable containers of just 2 sizes because they stack together so well when empty — I don’t want to have to dedicate a lot more cupboard space. But you comment so often that you love these containers — I want some!

  3. Nancy, they do sell “nesting” sets of L&L, and I imagine those store much more tidily. I don’t have those, and yeah, sometimes figuring out how to get everything into the cabinet is a little tricky. I have a bunch of smaller ones I keep in the main cabinet, stored inside in a larger one… then I keep the big ones (which I mostly use in the freezer) in a less-readily-accessible cabinet.

  4. Okay, Okay, you’ve worn me down. Sheesh, I’d better love these 😉

  5. I LOVE these.

    But my darling daughter who empties the dishwasher has told me we don’t have enough space for any more.

    Maybe if people keep forgetting to return mine to me I can get more? Hmmm….

    We do have a set of the nesting L&L (as opposed to stacking, as these are), and I don’t like them as much. All types are sturdy yet easy to use. And totally spill proof

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