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By Mir
May 4, 2012
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I used to not understand people who bought expensive skin care products and make-up. What’s wrong with the stuff at the grocery store, I wondered? And then I turned 30 and it started making a little more sense. Then I turned 40 and the mystery was solved. (Y’all, I know everyone says it, but I totally would’ve taken better care of my face when I was younger if I’d had any idea it was going to start trying to melt off of me after 40. I swear.)

Anyhoo! If you love Clinique, they’re having a free shipping week in Mom’s honor. Check out the Mother’s Day sets—I’m looking at the Bold Eyes To Go set, which comes in a darling little bag, and at $28 for everything you need to make your eyes overshadow the bags underneath them (okay, that’s just me; I’m sure you don’t even have bags under your pretty eyes), I may just bite.

You always get to choose three free minis with any order, plus coupon code SUPER with add a mini Super City Block SPF 40 face protector to your bag, too! (And you should get that and use it, because otherwise you turn 40 and your face starts sliding off. Trust me.)


  1. Thanks – grabbed some high-power sunscreen!

  2. Has anyone tried Clinique’s Beauty Balm? I love the stuff from Smashbox, but Clinique has a better deal. Any good?

  3. And when you sign up they send you another coupon code for free shipping. Sweet!

  4. Alison, what does Clinique call their Beauty Balm? I searched on those words and nothing came up.

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