Because Dad likes… that stuff

By Mir
May 15, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Any attempt to quantify What Dads Like always makes me laugh (ditto What Moms Like or really any sort of What [fill in the blank] Like), because who says all dads (or moms or extra-terrestrials) like the same things? They don’t. But I do appreciate the effort.

With that said—hopefully you now have a grain or twelve of salt ready—One Kings Lane has a boutique today called “The Dapper Dad.” Yes, it’s got quite a lot of golf-themed items in it. However, it also has a lot of vintage or vintage-feeling items of all sorts, and whether you’re shopping for Dad or yourself, I see quite a few nifty items in there.

I particularly like all of the beer stein options. Apparently your dad likes being sloshed.


  1. first time i’ve been to a shopping site that REQUIRES you to sign up an account before letting you browse…


  2. Mark, this is one of those “members only” sites, and I agree that signing up is a minor inconvenience, but lately I’ve gotten sucked into several such sites because they truly do have items/deals you can’t get elsewhere. Cooooome to the daaaark siiiiiide….

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