Need some new FLOR?

By Mir
May 17, 2012

In addition to the rest of the fabulous boutiques available today at, they have a couple which are dedicated to FLOR carpet tiles, the easiest way to perk up a room. Now, the Fab prices aren’t all that much better than retail on these, but most of them do then come with free shipping… plus, if you had Fab credit to spend (Fab is very generous with their referral credits—you get $25 every time a new friend registers and makes their first purchase!), this could work out to be a good deal for you.

And I’m only a little bitter that FLOR either didn’t exist or I’d never heard of it back when I had a projectile-vomiting baby. How awesome would it be to be able to just swap out one fouled cube of carpet rather than having to replace the whole thing??


  1. Hope these make good bathroom rugs! Thanks for the head’s up!

  2. So it turns out these DO make good bathroom rugs. So good that I went to the Flor website the evening that these got delivered and bought some more (from clearance, natch) and ordered more. CONSIDER ME A CONVERT. 🙂

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