So much better than a land shark

By Mir
May 17, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Am I the only person who sees “Avon” and thinks “land shark”? I think my age (and love of Saturday Night Live) is showing. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, get off my lawn, whippersnapper!

Ahem. What were we talking about? Oh, I remember—the fact that right now at Avon you can ship any order of any size for free with coupon code FSMAY1.

I know Avon is kind of old-school, but I have to admit that I’m addicted to several of their products. The Glazewear lip gloss? Way better than the super-expensive stuff I’ve tried. And their Skin So Soft stuff still works to keep the bugs away without the children whining that “it’s greasy, it smells bad” like they do with… oh… everything else.

In short, when they have free shipping, I always manage to find something I “need.” Heh.


  1. Just a dolphin, ma’am…..

  2. Mir, I love you. Sorry – was that too much?
    You almost made me snort tea out of my nose with that headline. Thanks for the SNL reference!

  3. Candygram….and I love Skin So Soft!

  4. OK, first? That glazewear is on sale for $2.49. Awesome. Second, I can’t use that coupon code. The error message tells me I can use it only if I have an “eRepresentative.” Maybe there’s a list somewhere I could pick from?

  5. Amelia (and anyone else): You can pick an eRep by clicking on the “Shop online with a representative!” link at the top of the page. It doesn’t change anything, but it means you can use the coupon. 🙂 (If the search thingie demands you input a name, try searching on a common last name like Smith.)

  6. Candygram. I do this bit all too often in exchange for blank stares.

    Yay for free shipping! Avon’s Skin So Soft is a necessity for our mosquito breeding backyard.

  7. I can’t live without their Magix face perfector primer. SPF 20, colorless, makes my skin matte and my pores less obvious. I wear it every day, whether or not I’m wearing makeup over top of it! And since I live in Florida, I can confidently recommend it for warm-weather use.

  8. OK Mir….I ordered 9 lotions and 2 lip glosses for $29. I will say it was ‘weird’ picking out a total stranger as my avon rep. Here’s what I did —which I warn you guys in advance is way over the top, but I am picky that way — there were 7 names on my avon rep list. I went into FB and saw if any were ‘friends’ of my friends, and turns out 4 were. I narrowed it from there… but I live in the boonies…. as in ….there is like acreage between homes in our boonies. If the list had been over 10 names I wouldn’t have spent time on doing that.

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