We’ll be back to school before you know it

By Mir
May 30, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Okay, maybe back-to-school isn’t all that close, but I’m not going to let that stop me from stocking up on my kids’ favorite “squishy sauce” (hmmm, that doesn’t sound all that appetizing, come to think of it). Right now Amazon has the 48-pack GoGo squeeZ Appleberry on sale for $21 shipped when you buy via Subscribe & Save, and I may just pick up a box and tuck it away for when school starts up again.

Me, I’m always saying “Why can’t I just pack you an apple?” and my namby-pamby kids are all “Because this is much lazier and also more delicious.” Hmph.


  1. My son has one thing of gogo squeeze in his lunch for school every day. He rotates flavors, but is somehow happy to have the very same thing each day — we’ve tried other options, but he is, i guess, a creature of routine.

  2. I love to use these for a quick baby food option also – same thing as those baby food pouches, but much less expensive.

  3. Thanks, Mir! My people love these things.

  4. the drunk price-changing monkeys have struck again. price is up to $27 and change. bad monkeys, bad!

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