The must-have Minecraft gift this year

By Mir
October 5, 2012

If you have a kiddo who’s a Minecraft addict, then you know that the moment there were rumors of an upcoming Minecraft LEGO set, it was pretty much game on in terms of the countdown to this year’s must-have holiday gift for our little brickheads. (Brickheads are different than blockheads; though when I’m trying to get mine off the computer to come to dinner, I’m not so sure.)

Anyway, if you’ve been looking, you may have noticed that Amazon only has the Minecraft set through 3rd party sellers, and the starting price is around $60. Ouch.

But have no fear! You can snag the first-ever LEGO Minecraft set directly from LEGO for $35 (plus about $7 shipping) right now and not be at the mercy of eBay jerks come December. Just a suggestion.

[Big, huge, sloppy thanks going out to Jill for a deal tip I actually needed for my own kid. Thanks, Jill! You’re so pretty!]


  1. YES! Thank you!!! And Jill. You’re both pretty.

  2. I didn’t know that this even existed! You are so pretty and deserving of pretty shoes!

  3. I hope my 14 year old is not too old for this. I saw a few reviews from the 14 – 18 year old set.

  4. Thanks so much for posting! I’ve been trying to buy a couple of sets for months but they’ve been OOS. Had to place two orders to get two (limit of 1!). Hopefully they won’t cancel one of them.

  5. Huzzah!!

  6. I would never have known about this if you hadn’t pointed it out. I have now bought my first Christmas gift. Thanks.

  7. Oh, Jill and Mir, you are both so pretty!!!! Mwahh!

  8. Bummer, temporarily out of stock…

  9. Yep, out of stock. I’ll have to remember this and check back later. My son is addicted to minecraft.

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