Calling all superheroes

By Mir
November 13, 2012

One of my very favorite gifts to give little ones is a personalized superhero cape from PowerCapes. After all, who doesn’t want to fight crime, and look good while doing it? Today you can snag a $40 credit to PowerCapes for just $20 at Mamasource Deals—the perfect way to outfit your favorite little hero for less, and a great deal in and of itself. (In addition to capes, they have masks, t-shirts, and more.) But it gets even better, because this particular deal bundle also includes an automatic one-month SOAR membership that comes with all sort of goodies, including another cape! So it’s a twofer, of sorts, and if you don’t care for the “plain” SOAR cape you could always put that one in the gift closet or whatever.

If you want this one, snag it quick—there’s still time to place your order and get it in time for Christmas, but you’ll have to hustle.

It would be wrong to buy these for my teenager and almost-teenager, right? How about if I just get one for me…?


  1. Got these last year for 2 of my boys – the whole kit (T-shirt, cape, mask, armbands) and they are *awesome* – highly recommend!

  2. Also found a 10% coupon code BUYANYTHING. I don’t know if they will work together (still waiting for my voucher to come through to complete the order).

    So excited! Just knocked two gifts off of my Christmas buying list. Thank you!

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