Gimme a Woot (or two)

By Mir
November 16, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

As we come into the final stretch of “not yet holiday season” before we all land face-first in “time to spend all your money on everything” season, I feel the need to reiterate that the Want Not philosophy is to choose your purchases judiciously, then find the best deal. I’ve never been a “just buy it because” kind of person.

That said, Woot has two excellent deals on pricey items today that may be on your wish list. On the main site, they’ve got the Canon EOS Rebel T3 for $400—and that is a brand new unit, not a refurb—while over at Home.Woot they’ve got a refurbished Dyson Ball DC25 for just $250. (For comparison: The camera is $100 less than Amazon’s price, while the vacuum is exactly half off Amazon’s price on a new one.)

Should you make a $400 impulse purchase? Probably not (unless you’re wealthy, in which case I may be available for adoption). But if you were already planning to scope out a deal on a Rebel or a Dyson, today may be your day.


  1. Not impulsive! Guess what I’d promised my husband last summer for his birthday….? You just saved us $100 (at least) on the camera. Thank you! (And, you’re pretty.)

  2. Argh, the camera is sold out. Have been promising myself I would jump on a new camera if I could get a great price…my search continues…

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