‘Tis the season to suck it in

By Mir
November 28, 2012

I’m not saying we shouldn’t love our bodies exactly as they are—because we absolutely should—I’m just saying that I personally feel a little better about various holiday indulgences when I have The Power Of Spanx™ at my disposal. Know what I mean?

There’s a couple of sale options available to you if you want to shop Spanx today: You can either use coupon code EMP20 for 20% off your order, or you can use coupon code 897NEW for 10% off and free shipping. Spanx’s shipping charges are very reasonable, so you’ll just have to play around to see which code is the better deal. (For example, I tried it on a pair of $28 shaping tights, and they only wanted $2.95 for shipping, so both coupons gave me a total within pennies of each other.)

Bear in mind that the Spanx site also carries the Assets line of products, which is sort of like Spanx’s less expensive little sister. This is a perfect time to make sure you still look awesome at every holiday party, regardless of how many cookies you test during your holiday baking.


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