Squishy slimy aliens, yum yum

By Mir
December 7, 2012

More price drops in Amazon toy-land, and this time it’s all about the dissecting aliens. As one does. What?

Hey, it’s a perfect gift for anyone whose Christmas list contains “a dissectible alien with a parasite inside of it, plus tools to take it all apart.” And… yeah, I don’t know. Surely this is perfect for some yuck-loving kid, or just the thing for your White Elephant gift exchange.

They’re called Alien Operation Lab, and you can get:
Nash for $7.31 (62% off) $5.99 (68% off)
Tuth for $8.78 (54% off)
or Venox for $8.79 (54% off) $6.15 (68% off)

Happy dissecting!


  1. Any toy that comes with “scalpel, tweezers and 3 gut bags” sounds like something my son would adore. Thanks, Mir! Perfect little Hanukkah goodie …

  2. And to think there are no Amazon reviews yet…. But, honestly, I’m debating getting these for a white elephant party we’re heading to next week. It really would go over well there. I’m one of those lazy people who has never gotten Prime and therefore doesn’t want to buy something b/c of the shipping charges which ruin the great price.

  3. ok my girls will think this is totally gross and totally awesome!

  4. And now the prices are even lower…when does that happen?

  5. Welcome to Amazon… you can check out, but the prices will keep on changing. 😉

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