Green Toys over at MYHABIT

By Mir
December 13, 2012

If you haven’t checked out MYHABIT yet, you may want to take a peek. They do rotating boutiques every day like the other open-to-members-only sites, but they alo offer free shipping on absolutely everything.

Today they’ve got a huge boutique of Green Toys offerings (under “Kids”), and the prices are pretty good. Everything from Green Toys is made in the USA and involves recycled plastics, so you can feel better about the toys you buy for the ankle-biters.

Checkout is easy, too, because it’s part of Amazon. (Insert your own joke about being assimilated, here.)

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  1. They do have some nice tub toys, It is hard to find boats for the tub these days and they have several to chose from, thanks pretty girl!

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