Music for New Year’s Eve

By Mir
December 31, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Are you ready to bid adieu to 2012? I know I am. I cannot think of another year I’ve been so delighted to see go away. Heh.

Whether you’re headed out to party tonight or just plan to sit on your couch and Eat All The Things (that’s my plan; don’t judge me), nothing beats some free tunes to aid in your celebration. Amazon’s on it!

Grab Steve Aoki Presents Dim Mak’s 2013 New Years Eve Mix Tape if you like House/Techno. I don’t, really, but an hour of free music the kids will like is still cool by me.

And don’t forget to top off your party playlist with a free download of “Can’t Touch This”. I know, I know—I’m showing my age. Get off my lawn.

Are there 100 MP3 albums available for just $5 apiece, today? Yes, there are!

If you need relaxation more than you need to rock out, that’s cool. Don’t forget to grab your free Most Relaxing Classical Music In The Universe and Most Relaxing New Age Music In The Universe collections!

Happy December 31st, everyone! Stay safe out there today.


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