Got sheets?

By Mir
January 25, 2013
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I can’t vouch for the quality of these—although 300TC, 100% cotton, “hotel quality” sounds promising—but one of Tanga‘s Daily Deals today is queen or king sheet sets at just $25 shipped. My feeling is that at that price point, it’s probably worth the gamble, even if it just ends up being the backup set of sheets, suitable for when everything else is in the laundry.

Choose from six different colors, too. Usually when they have a deal like this your only choice is between, say, chartreuse and black. Hooray for normal colors like white! (Yes, I’m boring. No need to remind me.)


  1. Sweet, thanks! We have a problem with shrinking sheets (maybe I should change the manner in which I wash them… nah 😉 ), so after a year or two, our fitted sheet requires a full bodied effort and teamwork for my husband and I to get it on. One of the sets we have in rotation at the moment has actually split at the seams on two of the corners. Excited to be able to retire them. 😉

  2. We’re hitting the end of the Baby Stage of life so I’ve been looking for some new sheets — thanks for the heads up! 🙂

    @liv — we had the same problem after we switched from a regular mattress to a feathertop, none of our old sheets had deep pockets so changing the fitted sheet was a workout. I tried corner clips but they were just as irritating. Good luck with the new ones! 😀

  3. Duh! We have a feathertop mattress. Thanks for enlightening me. 😉

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