Beauty-full savings

By Mir
January 30, 2013

This deal is a classic example of how, if you do your research, you can score significant savings. Let’s take a look:

So, the deal is that right now at, you can use coupon code BEAUTY30 for 30% off a single item in the Beauty category (that is: Hair Care, Bath/Body, Skin Care, Makeup/Fragrance), for a savings of up to $30. Pretty sweet, right? Well, I felt like surely there was some sort of brand exclusion on that, so in fooling around with the coupon I tried it on a GHD flat iron (my personal flat iron which I love and cuddle and call George) to see if it worked. And it did! So I thought, hey, score! With the coupon, the GHD iron came down to about $120, which is pretty good.

But then I checked Amazon—as one does—and their current price on that iron is $95. So the deal isn’t as good as I originally thought. Oh, well.

Next I tried it on a high-end blowdryer; with the coupon, Soap’s price on the Amika Ionic Tourmaline dryer comes down to about $118. The same hairdryer is currently $278 (!!!) at Amazon for reasons which are unclear (maybe that particular one is actually coated in platinum?), but a quick check reveals the lowest it’s ever been at Amazon is $132. Ergo, with the coupon, Soap’s deal is excellent. (I mean, if you’re in the market for a really expensive hairdryer.)

The takeaway? If you’re looking for a high-end beauty item, this coupon may be a great way to score a deal. But do your price research before you buy.


  1. How can you see what the historical lowest price was on Amazon items? Or is that a Trade Secret?

  2. Interesting, how do you check price history at Amazon? That would be a useful tool.

  3. There are a number of Amazon price trackers out there. They all work on the affiliate model so I am reluctant to link them (lest I give you a heads-up on a “lowest price ever” and then you go check it and buy it through their link, instead), but they’re not hard to find. 🙂

  4. Thanks Mir! I was wondering the same thing!

  5. Mir would you have a free shipping code for NY&C? I mean one that does not require me to send $100…. Thanks 🙂

  6. There are a couple I use, but I tend to click through this site, open one of the price checkers in another tab and enter the link, figure out if it’s a good deal, and then go back to my original tab to close the deal (if it’s worth buying now instead of waiting). I rarely click through those things (or any site, really, when I don’t “know” the people running it. I’m “old school” wary of clicking on links on sites that I’m not completely comfortable with, so maybe that’s my own neuroses talking.)

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