Kitchenware clearance ahoy

By Mir
February 8, 2013
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Feeling domestic? Hop on over to Oneida today an check out the options under Sale—they’re having a kitchenware liquidation with incredible markdowns on all kinds of goodies. Go ahead and use coupon code TTE10 for an additional 10% off, too.

Be patient; the site’s running kind of slow (probably due to the sale, although the good news is that I almost posted this yesterday and the site was so slow I gave up; today it’s running a little better). Shipping is a flat $2.99 if you order $25+, and then free at either $49 or $99 depending on what’s in your cart. (I’m not entirely sure how that’s determined, so forgive me for being vague.)

I’m giggling over here, thinking “Well if you tried to get on the Burt’s Bees site yesterday, this site will seem downright speedy to you, today.” I am easily amused.


  1. you broke their website! It won’t let me check out. . . and I wanted that compost pail so badly.

  2. Oh Mir, you’re SOOO Pretty! We have one of the most popular sets that NEVER seems to go on sale, and I was so excited to see the sets of forks and spoons on sale! Just what we needed to replace (HOW do forks and spoons go disappearing? I blame toddlers who like to throw things away). I just placed the order with no issues on the site.

  3. Darn, just placed an order there the other day–could have used the reduced shipping!

    Anyway, I wanted to mention that there are quite a few things on sale at Oneida that AREN’T listed in the kitchenware liquidation section. I absolutely love their “Professional” cookie sheets (currently $3.99 and $4.99, depending on the size you choose), and I have both “Professional” and “Commercial” muffin and loaf pans that are terrific (the 24-cup mini muffin pan, for instance, is a steal right now at $5.99). All these items appear in various places under the “Kitchenware” drop-down menu.

  4. Tina, I should add that the main reason I placed an order a few days ago was for precisely the reason you mentioned: We are CONSTANTLY losing utensils, spoons especially, due to my children’s over-zealous (or absent-minded) table clearing. The $6.99 sets of 4 make me a little less exasperated about the flatware shrinkage.

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