More LEGO? More LEGO!

By Mir
February 13, 2013

It’s never a bad time for a bucket of LEGO, right? Right!

Get 402 bricks for just $20 if you don’t mind a pink bucket, or get 405 bricks in the traditional blue bucket for $23. These normally go for $30, so barring the elusive Lightning Deal during the pre-holiday frenzy, this is about as cheap as it gets.

I am tempted to grab that pink bucket just to have some of those pink bricks. We have about a gajillion pieces of LEGO and no pink. Silly us.


  1. Ack – stop making me want to buy more Legos! We have more than enough Legos, partially because I don’t have the ability to resist the bargains you post! (PS – My son thinks you are so so pretty, and says thanks for the Legos).

  2. Already back up to 30 bucks – I was too slow. 🙁

  3. Back up to $30. Oh well. We have a little girl who’s the youngest & only female in a family of 4 Lego-crazy kids, so I might get it anyway…

  4. Regular-sized Legos are in my future, but now my eyes are searching for deals on Duplos or the like. Since I’ve just started this treasure hunt, I don’t know where to look. Any suggestions?

  5. MsMarm, there will be some deals here and there at Amazon. If you’re willing to do brick-and-mortar, Target does toy clearance usually twice a year (January-Februaryish and then again in the summer), and places like Big Lots often have deals, too.

  6. I see the price is back up on amazon but Target also has these on sale online for $20. And if you have a target red card save 5% and ships free. If any one is still looking. 🙂

  7. I found this same exact set at Target yesterday for $20. It wasn’t on clearance, just a temporary price reduction.

  8. Thanks, Mir, for the Duplo-hunting advice. Now seems to be at the tail end of Target’s seasonal toy clearance. I’ll check out Big Lots and keep an eye out for the Amazon opportunities.

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