Portable data storage just got even cheaper

By Mir
March 28, 2013

Every now and then, my husband gets into a “You young whippersnappers sit down and listen to stories about how much money I spent on memory for that first computer I built myself” sort of mood. (The children just love this, as I’m sure you might imagine.) Look, there’s no denying that computer memory and storage is just getting bigger and cheaper, but maybe someone could tell my darling spouse that the rest of us are kind of over it.

Anyway! Right now you can snag this Western Digital My Passport 2TB Portable External Hard Drive for just $110 shipped. [Note: That link takes you to Rakuten Shopping, which is the new name of the old Buy.com, and then that particular product and price is from Beach Camera, but through them. Clear as mud, yes? Okay.] For comparison/reviews, you can check out the same item on Amazon, where it still costs almost $150 (boo), but has over 2,000 reviews with a cumulative score of 4.4 stars (yay).

Seriously, two terabytes of storage for $110. Don’t tell my husband, he’ll talk your ear off.


  1. Awesome! Thanks, Mir. I emailed you about this a few weeks ago and – poof – here’s a deal. Yay for backed-up baby pics!

  2. I was actually looking for something like this a couple of weeks ago. I ended up getting the Seagate Backup Plus (think that’s the name) 2TB for $99 on Amazon, and I believe it’s still on sale at that price (earlier this week they had the 4TB for $129, but it sold out). It’s designed to be one touch backup, but if you don’t install Seagate’s software, it’s really just a plug & play spare hard drive. Easy peasy.

  3. Yay! I forwarded to my husband and he snatched one up. Hero of the day. 🙂

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