It’s the vicious cycle of carpet

By Mir
April 25, 2013

I first bought a Hoover SteamVac because I have a dog, and sometimes the dog… does things… to the carpet. Ahem. But then when I actually use said SteamVac, it’s loud, and that scares her, which can lead to other atrocities against said carpet.

It’s a vicious cycle. And yet, here I am. (Note to self: Win lottery, finish putting hardwoods in the rest of the house.)

Anyway! I bought my SteamVac on an Amazon Lightning Deal in December for $76, which was a steal. I haven’t seen a price even close, since then. The one I bought is currently $140 at Amazon with an available 20% off coupon, making it $112, which isn’t bad. Alternatively, today at Best Buy it’s just $100 shipped.

Not the absolute-cheapest-ever, but a decent price on a highly-rated machine.


  1. Bummer, sold out:(

  2. Once again it’s Mir to the rescue! I’ve been debating on which cleaner to get, or even whether I should get one at all. But after living with 2 cats with a lot of hairballs, I’m in sore need of a good carpet cleaner, Too bad the Best Buy one sold out, but after the coupon, the one at Amazon was only a little bit more with the free Prime shipping.

  3. I ended up getting the one from Amazon too:) Can’t wait to start cleaning those carpets.

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