By Mir
December 12, 2013

Here’s another fad my kids missed: rainbow looms. I’m not sure I really understand it, other than that as long as there have been children, there have been trendy bracelets they can make with materials their parents have to buy. That’s about the whole story, right…?

Right now over at Amazon, they’ve got some great rainbow loom deals via a third party seller. If you want a loom with 600 bands, the current price is $9.99, which is pretty good already, but if you also buy this 2,400 piece loom band collection for $6.50 (yowza!) you can apply coupon code NAHZKJYM to get an additional $5 off! (Basically buying the extra bands along with any of the loom kits and using the code gets you half off your selected loom kit. Just make sure that A4C is the seller for both.)

Free shipping, too. These are crazy hot items right now, so if not for your own kid, think donation or gift closet.


  1. Sweet! My daughter’s birthday isn’t until June, but I was already planning to get her a loom kit like this. Thanks for the smokin’ deal!

  2. that is a much better deal than what I got at Michael’s the other day! thanks!

  3. Sweet! Thanks, Mir!!

  4. Wow! Thanks, Mir!

  5. Awesome deal, thanks, Mir! Just a heads up to other buyers, though — you can’t use the coupon twice, even if you try a separate order. 🙂

  6. January birthday gifts: done. Thank you!!!

  7. The link for the loom takes me to the right seller, but its $12.50.

  8. I agree with Dawna; looks like we missed out on the $9.99 price. The coupon does take 50% off the new price of $12.50 though.

  9. It’s $11.50 and $6.99 now. I can’t decide if I want to jump on the rainbow loom bandwagon or not.

  10. Turds, I already got one.

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