More protein in the new year!

By Mir
December 29, 2013

I am on a quest: find the perfect protein bar. It’s a fruitless quest, I know, much like finding Nessie or a perfect-fitting pair of jeans that never shrinks in the wash. Still, I soldier on, because I am parenting two string beans who think my homemade protein bars are “weird” but sometimes will deign to eat one that comes in a shiny wrapper.

Lucky for me—and maybe you—right now Amazon has a bunch of deals going on high-protein snack bars. I just ordered:

Dark Chocolate Balance Bars, which have an available 20% coupon. Between the coupon and my 20% additional Subscribe & Save discount, 15 bars come to $8.10. (I’ve not had these before, but at this price I’ll try ’em out. These have 13g of protein apiece.)

Promax Lemon Bars, which have an available $3 coupon. Between the coupon and my 20% additional Subscribe & Save discount, 12 bars come to $9.71. (We’ve had Promax before and like them. These have 20g of protein apiece.)

Odwalla Super Protein Bars, which do not currently have a coupon, but for some reason are priced much lower than usual. With my 20% additional Subscribe & Save discount, 15 bars come to $12.15. (This is another one I haven’t tried, but Odwalla makes good stuff. These have 14g of protein apiece.)

Now when my next S&S delivery arrives I’m all set for my children to reject a wide variety of protein sources! Wait….


  1. Try the Pure Protein bats – we love the chocolate. High protein, low sugar and available on subscribe and save

    • The Pure bars have sugar alcohols, which I prefer to avoid.

      • I did not realize that abut the Pure bars. We are going to try the Promax lemon bars -wish us luck with change.

  2. Thanks! Find a great deal on Larabars, then I’ll really get excited 🙂

  3. Check out the ingredients in the Promax. Palm Kernel oil and corn syrup.
    I agree with Heidi, stick with the Lara bars. Only three or four ingredients.

    • I love Larabars, too, but for 20g of protein per bar, I’m okay with some fat and corn syrup (it’s not HFCS, at least). 😉

  4. Let me know how they taste. I quit granola bars last summer but I’m thinking of adding them back in…. I adore (but can’t afford) Kind bars… dark chocolate & sea salt. I usually compromise with Nature Valley peanut butter and dark chocolate ones….10 grams of protein and lots of nasty stuff… but cheap.

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