Today’s interesting bargain…

By Mir
January 27, 2014

… is‘s bargain boutique on Coach footwear. Because when I think “Coach rain boots,” for example, I think bargain.

I approached today’s sale with deep suspicion, as someone who doesn’t see the point in purposefully paying hundreds of dollars to wear someone else’s advertising. But maybe all you’ve ever wanted is some Coach-logo-covered sneakers; I try not to judge. And they do have some beautiful boots and other items which are not covered in logos.

If that’s not your thing, they’ve also got a big Outerwear Blowout going on today—perfect for the next polar vortex.


  1. Enjoying our Southern Winter as much as we are in in Alabama? I swear to GOD if this vortex weather damages Mommy’s Precious Swimming Pool, I will…I will…well, I guess I will know better than to swear at God. I

    Seriously, Mir, I bought sweaters. I haven’t bought sweaters since we lived in Virginia.



    • Crazy, right? I, too, have been busy buying sweaters. Because I can’t get warm. We are expecting SNOW tomorrow night.

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