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By Mir
February 24, 2014
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I know that a lot of people have strong feelings about razors—electric vs. traditional, three or four blades vs. two—but personally, I have pretty much one requirement: I like my razors to be cheap. (Surprise!) Well, okay, cheap but not junky. A pivoting head is nice. Other than that, I have gone through a variety of non-disposable razors in an attempt to find one I liked enough to continue buying expensive replacement heads for, and it hasn’t happened. Cheap disposables, please, so that I can throw them away when the handle starts getting mildewy in the shower.

I’m digging this deal: Amazon has a 30-pack of Gillette Customplus Regular Disposable Razors available right now for $16.97 with a clippable $5 coupon. $11.97 for 30 is just under $.40/razor—already a great deal—but when I purchase it via Subscribe & Save and get my maximum additional 20% discount thanks to Amazon Mom, it’s just $8.58 shipped (about $.29/razor).

Maybe these aren’t the latest/greatest/fanciest, but the reviews are excellent, and while 30 razors seems like a lot, it’s not like they go bad, or anything.


  1. Not available as of 12:54 CDT.

  2. Glad to know I’m not the only one who gave up non-disposables for that same reason!

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