A very good day for kids’ clothes

By Mir
February 25, 2014

If you haven’t been to Children’s Place in a while, today’s an excellent day to shop—today (Tuesday, February 25th) only, they’re offering 40% off everything with coupon code SAVING3. Free shipping is available on $75+, though the free shipping code I posted earlier has since been pulled. (Sorry if you missed out!)

40% off and free shipping? Definitely time to clean up in the clearance section, if not to go ahead and get whatever you need for spring.


  1. thanks a ton!!

  2. I got my son a couple of things (sunglasses for summer/PJs), picked up some good items for my gift closet (rubber bracelet kits) and future Xmas donations (headband, wallets, bracelet kits). $22 total – Thanks!

  3. Wow, for once it wasn’t a boy-who-cried-wolf sale, as TCP is wont to do. 😉 Thanks, Mir!

  4. Awesome! We have a little guy who still requires pajamas with feet to keep him warm and even though there are still at least two months left of cold nights, of course they can’t be had in stores anywhere.

    Got three pairs of footie pajamas shipped for less than $25. I’m happy!

  5. Thanks Mir! Got each of my grandsons swimsuits/rash guards for Easter!!

  6. The free shipping code was pulled while I was trying to check out…it worked at first, but then I got error messages that they didn’t recognize my email address (which is funny because they send me sales notifications daily)…and then they were all “sorry, that code has expired.” I have no idea why I’m telling this story except to say I feel a little responsible for its being pulled. Probably I just need therapy. 🙂

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