The Nether’s on sale

By Mir
May 15, 2014

If you have a Minecraft freak in your house, chances are excellent that you went ahead and bought the LEGO Minecraft The Nether microworld set back before Christmas, when it first came out.

But maybe you didn’t, or maybe you know someone else who’d really love one. If so, it’s down to $28.35 at Amazon (only 19% off retail, but the lowest it’s been so far). I paid full retail for all three Minecraft sets, so I’ll just be over here feeling a little jealous.


  1. Thanks Mir!
    I ordered it. Present for my son’s birthday (or next celebratory occasion) complete. Yeah!

  2. God bless Amazon for their “you already purchased” message because I can’t remember that stuff, lol. I nabbed it last fall – thanks!

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