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By Mir
June 4, 2014
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If you like to experiment with crazy nail polishes, or if you have teens/tweens who love a nice assortment, hop on over to Tanga today—they’ve got a 7-pack of “Sinful Colors” (what…?) nail polish available for $10.25 shipped. I’m unfamiliar with this brand, but at under $1.50/bottle, it’s hard to argue with a deal like this.

At least, I wouldn’t argue with it. My toenails need to be fabulous, you know.


  1. Sinful Colors is actually $1/bottle at Walgreens right now! 🙂

    (..says the girl with 50+ bottles of nail polish.)

  2. Sinful Colors just got a Consumer Reports best buy rating!

  3. Rated best by Consumers, beating out Chanel’s $27/bottle.

  4. Sinful Colors is actually pretty good. I’ve been using it for a while because, yes, Walgreens does tend to put it on sale a lot in the summer. Huge range of colors.

  5. My girls will have new pretty colors to celebrate the end of school. Thanks Mir!

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