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By Mir
October 3, 2014
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m always looking for items to get me to that magical 5+ items in my Subscribe & Save order each month (so that I can save an extra 20% at Amazon). So whenever there’s a coupon on Finish Powerball tabs I always add that in, because 1) we always need dishwasher detergent (seriously, there are only four people here, I have no idea how we generate so many dirty dishes) and 2) often the deals are even better than what I can snag at Costco.

Today they’ve got the 90-count package listed at $13.87 ($.15/each), but there’s a 20% off coupon to clip and another 20% off with 5+ Subscribe & Save items, bringing it down to just $8.32 ($.09/each).

And that’s not even getting into how it’s hard to put a price on not having to wash the dishes by hand. (I’m spoiled. I know.)


  1. My Subscribe & Save is 15% for 5+. How did you get 20%?

  2. Cassie, if you’re part of Amazon Mom you get 20% off on 5+. (And no, you don’t have to be a mom or even a parent to sign up for that.)

  3. You have to list your child’s age, and the year doesn’t go below 1996. Oh, well.

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