Clearance on my favorite face product

By Mir
November 19, 2014

If you know me, you know I’m unlikely to spend $60 on a beauty product. (Scratch that; I have never spent that kind of money on a beauty product.) So when I received a bottle of Fei’d as a product sample years ago, I was pretty much afraid to even open it because was I going to spend $60 for another one? Nope.

I ended up not trying it for years past when I got it (long story), and just started using it a couple of months ago. And then I went to my husband one night and said, “I have a terrible confession to make. I started using this really expensive face lotion and I love it. I think I need to buy more.” He noted that my skin looked pretty amazing, but did blanch a little when I told him what it costs. I have a lot of acne scarring and rosacea and Fei’d has just… used those magical Eastern botanicals to create something that actually works to make my skin look healthier and more even (and it doesn’t make me break out, either). I have—no lie—been agonizing over buying more for weeks. Because I love it, but it’s so expensive.

And then, voila! The product creator mailed me this morning to let me know that they’re clearancing out 2014 stock to make room for new product, and right now you can use coupon code CLEARANCE to order Fei’d for 80% off. Each bottle is now just $12. I went and ordered before I even finished reading the email. (Bonus tip: I fooled around with the number of bottles a bit before finalizing my order; order 3+ and you’ll get free shipping.)

If you’re interested, you can read the whole Fei’d story (including about their charitable involvement) on the site. This is a great deal on a product I really love. If you have “problem” skin like I do, finding something that works feels like a celebration. Finding something that works and is available for 80% off is pretty much a miracle.


  1. I just bought three bottles – and have never even heard of it! Your recommendation sold me. It sounds great and I can’t wait to try it. I was just lamenting a zit on my chin this morning and blamed it on a new moisturized. I’m 44 – and zits are just not fair! 😉

  2. Going to trust you on this – I too have some scarring and rosacea. I hate how uneven my skin tone is so you sold me! I got 3 bottles. 3 bottles will be less than 1 of another brand so it’s worth the risk. Thanks.

  3. How do I make a purchase without using paypal?

    • I used my existing Paypal, Linda, so I’m not sure if there’s a way to just put in a credit card without a Paypal account.

  4. I have acne scarring too and just bought three bottles. I’m excited to try it!

  5. In your opinion, (or the opinion of anybody that has used it,) is this useful for skin that is, ahem, 40 something and still gets active acne? Or is this more beneficial for a person that has acne scarring?

    • Heh, my skin is 50-something and I have more acne and scarring now than I ever did in my youth. It’s just WRONG.

    • I still have active acne, myself (so unfair), and while it hasn’t cured it, I do think I have less since I started using this.

  6. You are the only blogger I would trust on this kind of deal – bought 3 bottles, thanks!!

  7. Also bought 3 for free shipping. There is a sign-in as guest PayPal option.

  8. count me in on buying the 3 bottles based on your recommendation! Can’t wait to try it!

  9. Mir, do you have normal, oily, or combination skin? I’m trying to make a decision here, and I’m about to pull the trigger, but I’m just worried about my combination skin (some dry, some oily).

    • Mine is combination as well. Honestly, I hope everyone loves it—I know some products work amazingly for some people and not at all for others—but whatever’s in this stuff, it’s worked for me. (Also, I just got a shipping confirmation on my order from this morning. Woohoo!)

      • I’m in! With your good words and their guarantee, I’m game. I need something that works better than what I have. Over the past two years, I’ve tried about 20 different products with nothing really working for me, so I’ll get my hopes up on this one! 🙂

        Thanks, Mir! (I’ve purchased three things based on your site today, so my thanks is actually thanks^3.)

      • After using it for about two weeks now, I have to say that I really love this product! My skin is smoother and it has evened out some of the red in my cheeks. I’m still trying to find a good sunscreen as well (it tends to make my eyes burn/water, so this is the hardest product for me to find), so if you have any good recommendations on that in the future (I have already tried the Neutrogena you mention below, unfortunately), I’m all ears! 🙂

        Thanks for the magnificent recommendation, Mir!

  10. Well, rats, I was going to order some (it’s ridiculous how my skin breaks out in my 40s), but it says it isn’t a valid code. I must have missed it. I can’t bring myself to pay full price!

  11. Never mind, I got it! Apparently it didn’t want me to paste in the code, but when I typed it, it went through. Thanks, Mir! I hope it helps me as much as it did you.

  12. Got some on your recommendation and so far I’m liking it. I do have a follow-up question though- what do you use for a sunscreen? I’m used to moisturizer/sunscreen combinations and all the sunscreen only products I’ve tried in the past have made my face feel goopy. Do you have any particular brand/type that you recommend? Thanks for any help you can provide! 🙂

    • Kate, I really like the Neutrogena Clear Face product, because I’m acne-prone. Unlike the Fei’d, however, I hesitate to give it a ringing endorsement because it is a chemical sunscreen and I really wish I could find something I like as well that’s a physical barrier rather than chemical.

      This opinion and a dollar will get you a cruddy cup of coffee. 😉

  13. Follow up on the Fei’d. It is great. I’ve been using it for about 10 days. When I saw my mother over Thanksgiving weekend–haven’t seen her for a few months–she commented on how nice my skin looked. I don’t have the perimenopausal acne anymore (hail, menopause!), but my skin is sensitive and blotchy. For moisturizer/sunscreen, I use Neutrogena Deep Moisture Day Cream, applied after the Fei’d has a chance to sink in (10-15 minutes).

    • Hooray! Glad you’re loving it. 🙂

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