40% off sweaters, today only

By Mir
November 24, 2014

If you’re feeling chilly, head over to the Target website today; as they continue with their deals leading up to Black Friday, one of today’s featured deals is 40% off all sweaters.

Right now every order ships for free, too, which is awesome. I have seriously been doing things like ordering a single pair of socks at a time, just because I can. (Okay, that sounds worse than I mean it to. I mean that when I’m doing 100 things at once and I can’t sit and shop for an extended period of time, I can go ahead and order something I know I want before it sells out, without having to try to get my shopping cart up to the free shipping minimum.)

Shutting up, now. Gotta go shop for some sweaters.


  1. Sitting on my couch, watching a snow squall out the window … I may have ordered one more sweater than necessary … Great deals, though!

  2. That was fun! Ordered way too much, but with free returns to the store, I can return the stuff that doesn’t fit! Makes it really handy when you’ve got a big baby with a huge head–who knows which size of Snoopy sweater will fit over that noggin?! This way, I can order 2! 🙂

    Thanks, Mir–you’re so pretty.

  3. Ordered a few for me to try, then went back to get some for the boys and the website is acting ugly. Guess that means they weren’t supposed to get new sweaters today… 😉 Thanks for word of the sale, Mir!

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