Light your Kindle Fire today

By Mir
December 8, 2014

Here’s another great example of how patience and not needing the very latest/greatest can pay off: Today Amazon has prior-generation Kindle Fires in the Gold Box for half-off. Is it the fanciest and the latest model? Nope. Is it a heckuva deal? Yep!

These deals are at least $100 off the lowest price they’ve ever been, and it’s good today only. Don’t miss it if one of these is on your list.


  1. The link doesn’t work – at least it doesn’t for me.

    • Dangit. Fixed, thanks.

  2. So, we are considering a kindle for the kids. Why would we (or not) want 4g? There are soooo many reviews to sort thru…kids edition or not I’d love to get a deal but I honestly don’t have time(er, patience) to wade thru all the options and reviews with toddlers at my feet. Ideas? Thanks!

    • Getting 4G allows you to use the device over a cellular network as well as on Wifi; I’ve never seen the point of that, myself (you have to pay for access just as you would a cell phone), especially for kids. I personally wouldn’t pay more to get that access.

      That said, it looks like they may have sold out of the non-4G version, and given how cheap they are today, you could get a 4G model and just not get a plan for it.

      • Thanks Mir! You rock.

  3. They have really been pushing the Kindles this season. I bit on the Black Friday deal of the Kindle Fire HD 6 for $79. Reminds me a lot of my iPod Touch, but bigger & tied into the Amazon environment. (Which is fine by me, I’ve totally drunk the kool aid there; I’m enjoying it for my ebooks & Prime video plus it’s easier to use for mail & internet than the Touch, just because of the size.)

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