Better late than never, LEGO Minecraft

By Mir
January 22, 2015

If you have Minecraft- and LEGO-crazy kids, you may have noticed that the newest themed LEGO sets did not go on sale before Christmas. (You may also have noticed that when they came out with the Microworld sets, they didn’t go on sale for several years, but why nitpick?)

Anyway, perhaps you have a birthday or other occasion coming up, in which case you may be pleased to know that a trio of LEGO Minecraft sets have just dropped to their lowest prices ever (so far…) at Amazon:
LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box is down to $42
LEGO Minecraft The First Night is down to $34.99
LEGO Minecraft The Ender Dragon is down to $59.99

None of these are huge discounts, but for sets that haven’t yet gone on sale, it’s a nice savings. You’ll totally feel better about stepping on these pieces in the middle of the night. (Not really, but we can dream.)


  1. Thank you! Now to decide if I buy now or later for the June bday…

  2. These are great! But dear lord my daughter does not NEED any more lego sets. She hasn’t even unbagged all the ones she has!

  3. My DD was interested in buying some with her Christmas money . . . until she saw that it would use up her whole stash. One money lesson learned! 😀

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