Crunchy chips, hold the guilt

By Mir
February 23, 2015

I’m always looking for good deals on healthy snacks for the kids’ lunches. And while it’s usually cheaper (and always more eco-friendly) to skip the snack pack sizes of things, well, sometimes it’s just more convenient to have something that’s easy to grab and toss into a lunch bag. (I know this is going to be shocking, but school mornings with two teenagers are not the easiest and most pleasant experiences of my life.)

Anyway! I love all things Terra snacks because they’re healthier than plain potato chips but scratch that crunchy/salty snack itch. And lookie here—right now Amazon has this 24-pack of Original Terra Chips available for $11.15, plus a 10% off clippable coupon and up to another 15% off when you buy via Subscribe & Save. I just ordered a case for $8.61 shipped, which is about $.35/bag, and that’s a price I can live with, easily. Plus, instead of potato chips, the kids will be getting parsnips, taro, sweet potatoes, yucca… so yes, it’s still some fat and carbs, but also some vitamins and protein and fiber.

Even better? They’re gluten free, so I can eat ’em, too. And I do (they’re delicious)!


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