Never enough wipes

By Mir
March 17, 2015
Category Hot Hot Hot!

In general, I am trying to transition over to crunchy-hippie-good-for-the-planet sorts of cleaners. I absolutely mop my kitchen floor with water and vinegar (and maybe a little lemon) and feel secretly smug about not poisoning the environment.

On the other hand, whenever this 240 Count Lysol Wipes Bundle goes on sale at Amazon, I buy it. Why? Because my dear and darling children cannot be bothered to mix up vinegar and water. And because sometimes my adorable canine children puke at my feet when I’m cooking dinner. And a dozen other reasons which all translate into “Sometimes I just want to be able to grab a wipe and disinfect immediately, amen.”

Right now this is priced at $9.97, minus a clippable 30% off coupon, plus extra savings if you buy via Subscribe & Save. You can potentially get three giant canisters of wipes for about $5 shipped; it probably costs them more than that just to ship the box to you.


  1. Thanks for the deal!. I had to do subscribe & save to get the coupon. Net 6.94 with tax for me. Great for teachers & camping trips!

  2. Mine is telling me I can only do it with Subscribe & Save. I know I can cancel that after subscribing, but it still seems a little icky of Amazon to do that!

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