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By Mir
April 21, 2015
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Personally, I am not so much a frilly apron sort of person. I rarely remember to wear an apron (usually right after I spill something on myself, that’s when I remember…), and for years I just wore the one issued to me at my first waitressing job, mumble-mumble years ago. Ahem.

Then my sister-in-law gave me a Wonder Woman apron, and now I remember to wear it a lot more often, because how awesome is that? Still, I understand that a lot of people enjoy something pretty to wear in the kitchen, and that’s where Flirty Aprons comes in, because I wish several of their aprons were actually dresses. They use cute fabrics and prints and I am certain these are designed for people who are much less messy than I am.

Anyway! Right now you can use coupon code MOMSDAY50 for 50% off anything except their daily deal. Looks like they’re giving free shipping, too. And I just noticed that several of their girl-sized aprons are marked down to just $6 (with matching mom aprons down to $9)! (You won’t be able to save more on those, but still. That’s a steal.) So that means you can pick up an apron for Mother’s Day, or Girls’ Day, Father’s Day, any day! And you’ll save big.

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  1. Thanks Mir!! These will make a great bridal shower gift!!

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