Not glamorous or fun, but useful!

By Mir
May 15, 2015

Okay, a deal on toilet wand refills isn’t exactly exciting, but hey, clean toilets are a Very Good Thing. (As is having an apparatus whereby the children can easily clean said toilets and you know things will actually be, y’know, clean.) I love this Clorox system and buy refills whenever I see ’em on sale.

So right now, Amazon has the 30-pack at $12.72, plus there’s a 30% off coupon, and then it’s Subscribe & Save eligible for greater savings and free shipping. I’m up to 15% off my monthly order, so I got the whole shebang for about $7, or just under a quarter a pad. Works for me.


  1. I can’t find the 30% off coupon! Did they remove it?

    • Are you logged in to your account? I still see it!

  2. I don’t see the coupon either.

  3. Me too. Or is it me neither?

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