The best part of summer…

By Mir
May 18, 2015

… is (are?) the hummingbirds outside my office window.

A couple of years ago, I bought a hummingbird feeder from Amazon during the holiday lightning deals in November. Then I waited patiently (sort of) until May when I could hang that baby up and watch the show out my window whenever I get bored. I love having that feeder, but the one I bought doesn’t have a wide mouth, so it’s nearly impossible to clean. (I use a tiny little brush on a wire designed for cleaning reusable straws, but it’s tedious and hard to aim inside the bottle.)

Today, finally, the Amazon Gold Box is filled with Perky Pet hummingbird feeders, and while most of them are probably there because they’re the old, narrow-neck design, the 710B copper one has a wider mouth for ease of filling and cleaning. For $11, I’m finally upgrading.

(By the way, it comes with “free nectar mix,” but the best nectar for hummingbirds is simply a 4-to-1 solution of water to sugar, boiled for at least a minute to help kill bacteria, then cooled. They don’t need any red food dye or other additives.)


    • Huh. That looks like they won’t be able to reach the nectar when it gets low, though…? (And I really did just buy the copper one from today’s deals. But that one you linked intrigues me!)

    • I have a feeder like that too, I bought it because bees and ants can’t get at the nectar. Though I do think the birds maybe can’t reach when it’s down to about an eighth of an inch.

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