Soft skin, big savings

By Mir
June 29, 2015

It’s hard to believe that soon(ish) summer will end, and the weather will turn, and eventually we’ll be back to the battle of cold weather vs. dry skin. Or maybe that’s just me…? I have summer body washes (exfoliating! citrus!) and I have winter body washes (ultra-super-mega-moisturizing!), and that’s just how I roll.

One of the moisturizing washes I favor for winter is Olay Ultra with Shea Butter, which is already very affordable at Amazon right now at $2.84. But you should see a clippable $1 coupon and it’s available on Subscribe & Save (bonus: free shipping, plus I love cheap items like this to get me up to 5 items for the month so I save 15% on all of ’em), so you can get it delivered for just $1.41. That’s hard to beat, especially for a super-moisturizing formulation.

Buy it now, thank me in November.


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