Prime Day, all day!

By Mir
July 15, 2015
Category Hot Hot Hot!

So Amazon‘s big Prime Day event is here, and they claim it’s going to be bigger than Black Friday. Hmmmm. They do have some deals running all day, like a $10 credit on select gift card multi-pack purchases, up to 40% off Kindle and Fire devices, etc. And of course there’s more Lightning Deals than usual. Do keep an eye on those.

My assessment is that yes, there’s plenty of deals, but—as always—some are better than others. I’m laughing at all the sold-out Lightning Deals because some of them are things like 30% off a household product. I mean, if you were going to buy it anyway, great! Save some money. But I suspect we’re seeing some thrill-of-the-chase decisions happening, here. Choose carefully. If you don’t want to miss a Lightning Deal, by all means, toss it in your cart. Then check the price and make sure it’s a deal you can’t live without before you buy.

I am a little sad about missing the deal on a gallon of Nature’s Miracle, though. That stuff is gold when you have animals. (“Honey, guess what I got you for Christmas!”)


  1. I’m excited about the deal on Rosetta Stone bundles…the 1-5 bundle is only $199 – only $50 higher than *a single level*. Exciting times.

  2. I think I got a very good deal on a set of BOSE SoundTrue headphones. $79 – no shipping. As opposed to $149 on the BOSE website and $129 on the Dell website. I’m happy with my purchase and that’s all I bought.

  3. Camelcamelcamel is a great resource to know if Amazon’s prices today are good.

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