Stop fighting for the charger

By Mir
July 20, 2015
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Now that we’re a 4-phone family, it seems like everyone is muscling in for charger space in the kitchen (no matter how many times or ways I try to arrange alternate charging “stations” elsewhere in the house). My latest attempt at a solution? This Anker Multi Port USB Wall Charger Charging Station Portable Power Adapter, which has great reviews and is currently at its all-time-low price of just $5.99 delivered from Amazon (if you have Prime). It’ll charge 4 USB devices at a time, so everyone can plug their phones in, or we can charge a couple of phones and an iPad and a Nook or whatever. The point is that one outlet now gets me 4 USB cords and rapid charging, so maybe my rotten children won’t constantly be squabbling over who gets to plug in.

[And while I’m at it, here’s a pro tip for cord squabbles: Buy different color cords. It completely ended the whole “But that’s my cord!” shenanigans (we even used to flag the white cords with different tapes and my teens started accusing each other of tampering with it). We have these and I’ve been very happy with ’em.]

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  1. The link comes up as Aukey Multi Port USB Wall Charger Charging Station with AIPower Tech, not Anker, and is unavailable. With Anker being top-rated, I’m starting to see a lot of companies with similar names…

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