Best cartoon ever?

By Mir
August 28, 2015

My kids are well past cartoon-watching age, but I’m guessing that if this 16-disc Avatar: The Last Airbender complete set showed up, I could sucker them into watching it with me. This was one of our collective favorites when they were smaller, because it had it all—the supernatural, animal sidekicks, deep friendships, evil dudes, and intrigue. It’s really a fantastic series.

Right now Amazon has it at a pre-order price of $29.99 (25% off) and it comes out the first week of October. I doubt we’ll see a better price before Christmas (and as always, if the price drops again before release, they’ll give you the better price).

And for whatever it’s worth, I’d definitely put Avatar in my top 3 cartoons picks. The other two would be Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and Teen Titans (the original, not the Teen Titans Go! nonsense they’re running now). We’re serious about our cartoons ’round here.


  1. Great choices for cartoon, Mir! Daughter Roo thinks you have great taste. Foster’s was great, wish I could find season 2 of that for a reasonable price.

    • Foster’s was the BEST. My nearly-adult children will still break out into “It’s hoooooooot. It’s HOT in TOPEKA. I’m a hot TOE-PICKER!” when it’s hot out!

      • Soo . . . every day? 😉

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